One of the most dreaded complication of diabetes is delayed healing of diabetic foot wounds and subsequently leading to gangerene
and amputations owing to altered mechanics of the foot,loss of sensation due to neuropathy and compromised blood supply to peripheral arteries.

The Department of Diabetes has been a well established centre.
It is dedicated to addressing the needs of the Diabetic population with state-of-the-art Diabetology Services that includes
• Equipment for early screening
• Awareness and Counseling
• Treatment procedures for patients.

Since diabetes is increasing rapidly in the population and can virtually damage all organs of the body, this department has taken an active, comprehensive approach in the preventive and management aspects of diabetes. We offer co-ordinated care in the screening, management and prevention of complications in diabetes – all under one roof, with specialists from various other disciplines. This clinic is supported by a dietician, physiatrist, ophthalmologist and nephrologist. We also offer diabetic packages which have been designed keeping in mind the holistic approach to diabetic treatment.

One of the most dreaded complications of diabetes is Gangrene of the foot and leg. Approximately 15% of all diabetic patients get foot and leg problems. This mean, more than one crore diabetic individuals are likely to suffer from foot and leg problems. It is important to realize that majority of these patients will be in the age group 35 to 45 years.
It is always better to prevent the diabetic foot wounds than to treat it. Indians as well as international statistics shows that 60% if the indoor admissions for the diabetic patients are for foot problems. Therefore preventive care is very important and essential.

Services Offered
Routine foot examination of all diabetics is available for early detection of foot at risk and treatment of the foot problem which has already occurred.Treatment for those already afflicted with “Diabetic foot” in the various stages and various associated complications with the latest in medical and surgical treatment offerings.This unit performs biothesiometry and doppler tests. Biothesiometry test checks the nerve sensation in the hands and the feet.

• Arterial doppler to asses the blood supply to the peripheral vessels and thereby predicting the risk of developing gangerene.

• Biothesiometry test checks the nerve sensation in the hands and the feet.

• Foot Scanner to identify the high pressure areas in the feet and thereby identifying the risk of developing nueropathic ulcers.
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A dietitian is an expert in dietetics; that is, human nutrition and the regulation of diet.


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Diabetes and Diabetic Foot


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