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If you need a doctor urgently outside of Vijay Vallabh opening hours, call emergency appointment number for emergency service. For Emergency call us on: 070303333224.

Health Check-ups

Our Health Check-ups combines our diagnostic expertise with the latest in preventive medicine to avail you with a good set of standardized medical tests that are specifically designed to prevent illness and promote wellness.


We have Empanelled with Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojna under which we provide free access to medical care therapies for the underprivileged and needy, holding valid Orange/Yellow Ration Card/Health Card.


To be the most trusted healthcare partner for people through our unsurpassed quality & care and by striving to provide accessible,affordable and best available healthcare services in the area.

Critical Care

Critical Care or Intensive Care Units are the most critical part of a hospital. Here battle is between life and death.


Cardiac Care

Heart attack occurs when the blood flow to the heart muscle stops due to blockage of arteries.


Diabetes and Diabetic Foot

The Department of Diabetes has been a well established centre.